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Original Rock n' Roll Collectibles - Texas Music Memorabilia - Texas Music Collectibles - Texas Music Artist - Texas Music Legends - Texas Concert Photography - Texas Music Performance - Texas Rock Music

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Rock Rattle n' Roll welcomes all possible trade and/or the direct sale of your items. We suggest you send a detailed email with all item(s) you wish to trade or sell along with either a bottom line price for your item(s) or items from the web site you wish to trade for. We will get back to you with a speedy assessment of the barter value.

Who We Are
We are a privately owned music memorabilia site based out of Fort Worth, TX. We take pride in selling original music collectibles. All of the items on the site are limited, we do not carry mulitiple items, so to be sure, please send us an email to make sure the item is in stock before sending off your payment.

We also sell a few items on consignment. If you are interested in selling any of your collectible, please send us a list of what you have and what you are looking to see them for. The precentage break is 60 % to you, 40% to Rock Rattle N' Roll. Only certain items will be considered for sale on our site.

Please realize that trading your items piece for piece from our site will not benefit Rock Rattle n' Roll. We are a retail for profit business and not in it for collecting purposes. If you have items you no longer want or need, and would like to trade for certain item(s) on our site, we will consider a possible trade and/or give you a fair trade value. If you want to sell off your unwanted items straight out, we will give you a fair assessment and make you a cash offer.

All trade item(s) or purchases made by Rock Rattle n' Roll must be sent to Rock Rattle n' Roll first before our trade item(s) or cash will be delivered. We prefer making a PayPal payment to your account if a cash offer is agreed upon. Please feel confident in sending your items once an agreement is met. We have been honoring and practicing our trade policy since 1988 via mail or in person. Please bare in mind that we are an established business and are here to make deals, not to disappoint or mislead you in anyway!

"We aim for a satisfactory trade for both parties concerned!"

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