Rock Rattle N' Roll
Lita Ford
1988 Tour (1st Leg)
Photo Set Starplex Amphitheater

Lita Ford 1988 Tour (1st Leg)
Lita Ford 1988 Tour (1st Leg)

Description: 16 Original Lita Ford photos taken on her 1988 Tour (1st Leg) at the Starplex Amphitheater in Dallas, Texas. Complete 4x6 photo set $29.99 Total Cost. Shipping Included.

Total Price $29.99
Shipping Included

Customer Comments
"Fuck Yeah! Sexy and Rounchy, just like I like it! Great shots." - Jack Thomas, Queens, NY

Photographer's Comment
"Damn! Lita is one sexy Rocker. Not sure but I think she was the opening act for Poison. Lita Rocks!"

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